Crossroads Game Group

 Why have a Game Group?

A game group is a regular event to invite friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, new acquaintances, and YOU!

A game group provides a reason to get together without having the pressures typical of other groups. Reading and preparation are not essential to participation. The need to create, come up with ideas, or lead topics is taken care of by the games. There are no time pressures to get something done by the next meeting. Just come and have fun.

Playing board games provides an interactive alternative to more passive entertainment options, such as going to the movies or renting a video. Playing games also provides a way to get to know one another better as you are interacting.

According to a Hasbro press release, a 1999 article in Psychology Today asserted that you can learn more about someone by playing a game than going on 10 dates. And you can learn more about yourself by playing a game than you can from several therapy sessions. (

Games help build character in children (and arguably everyone).

Along with encouraging your child and fostering the development of a positive self-concept - games provide ample opportunity to teach your child about honesty, teamwork, turn-taking, fairness, losing gracefully, listening and patience. And it is these skills of social and emotional awareness that are evidenced to be crucial in helping your child live their best life. (Psychology Today)

Best of all a game group is FUN!